Sysvik is a online monitoring and inventory service computer systems. Start using in five minutes.
General image 1 Important historical data

Install our light agent and get detailed information about your computers load and usage and start planning based on real need.

When the computers fails the data collected will be of much importance because it will say when problem started and how long before the system finally failed.

General image 2 System diary & change history

With our System Diary you can record changes to computers in you own words. The diary is accessable under each computer in the web interface.

Sysvik detects many common changes to system and automaticly records them for you to see under change history. Changes logged are memory, domain, disk, application and many more.

General image 3 Hardware inventory

With Sysvik you have in one location overview of your hardware inventory. You will not need to go the server room again to find information such as serial number or type of your server.

General image 4 IP manager

With our IP Manager you will have better overview of your IP allocation and usage. IP manager will make IP planning easier than ever.

Video image Introduction for beginners. Registering user, adding computer to Sysvik and using the interface.
Anyone can create a user account for Sysvik. You can add your personal computers free (up to three). For corporate need we offer corporate account. They differ from personal account in two ways:
  • You can add more than three computers
  • You can connect more users with different roles to the corporate account
# computers USD EUR GBP ISK
One nodes 25 17 11 1.500
5-9 nodes 23 15 10 1.350
10-19 nodes 19 13 8 1.125
20-49 nodes 16 11 7 975
50+ nodes 13 9 6 750
Prices are per node per month
Start using Sysvik by registering above and when logged in create a corporate account. You will be given option to bill to Credit Card or contact sales for billing.
  • Complete computer system overview
  • Powerful search and query save
  • Tagging
  • System diary
  • Software & hardware inventory
  • IP management
  • System updates
  • System alerts
  • Supported operating systems
    • RPM based: Red Hat, Centos, Fedora, SuSE and OpenSuse (32 and 64bit)
    • DEB based: Debian and Ubuntu (32 and 64bit)
    • Windows Server: 2000, 2003, 2008 (32 and 64bit)
    • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 beta (32 and 64 bit)
  • Automatic change history
    • Software
    • Hostname
    • Disk size/types
    • Memory size
    • Swap size
    • Domain changes
    • Kernel changes (Linux only)
  • Historical information and charts for
    • Disk utilization
    • Memory utilization
    • Load utilization
    • Network utilization
    • ... and more
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