General information

Sysvik is a online system monitoring and managing service. To use it you need to install a light agent on your computer. The agent will connect about every five minutes to the Sysvik servers and provide them with information that is used to generate graphs and data that is accessible on the Sysvik web.

All data collected is only accessible to you and those users you give access to. Data collected is almost only numbers like current disk usage, current memory usage and etc. Information about installed and removed application and ip addresses is also collected but only accessible to you. Read our privacy policy for more information about that subject.

Our agents are licensed as GPL and the source code is available so you can audit it yourself.


Sysvik started about ten years ago as a system inventory and to have a overview of system updates. In mid 2007 work on new version for as a online service started. And in summer 2008 the service officially opened to the public.

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